Our "War Room" Approach

In World War II, leading a geographically susceptible nation, Winston Churchill conducted all his strategy from a secret bunker, hidden in plain sight in downtown London. He called it his War Room, and said “This is the room from which I’ll direct the war.” It then became the room from which he won the war. 


In major political campaigns, every candidate conducts core strategy and ideation in one room - the War Room. This room is replete with white boards, yarn maps, bulletin boards, blueprints, and the brightest minds on the staff. If the campaign team needs a contact in the Senate that specializes in, say, agriculture, the War Room staff will curate the perfect contact list, narrow it down, target a specific contact from the list, make that connection, hit their goal with that contact, succeed, then move on to the next milestone or target. 

Most companies don’t have War Rooms, but if you want to win, you need one - and we can set it up. These aren’t actual military wars or political campaigns, but a deluge of highly strategic ad campaigns - with all the requisite elements: surprise attacks, flanking actions, bombardments, with a few flea flickers thrown in here and there. On a contract basis, with a team of hired guns, we conduct branding strategy and structured messaging for companies - an intensive proposition. Our aims are similar to those of war - total and complete victory.